Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Life doesn't suck at all

It's a new story everyday, yet we never find the time to realise its beauty. or even appreciate it as an event. after all, we lived through the night didn't we..

I find it hard sometimes to understand how the human brains work. or does it work ever?

A bitter person would hate the guts of his existance, and yet would wait in disgust for the happiness to brighten his day!! HELLO, are you for real? Life is'nt waiting until you stop hating your life. Life will actually stop if you don't stop hating your life.

How many times have we heard them say: "life sucks?", well,, it didn't suck until you decided it does.

But when we come to the truth, it's amazing how beautiful things are when we come to know them or give them a chance to reveal themselves.

For all that it worths, I loudly shout: "Life doesn't suck at All".


  1. Welcome back to the world of blogging sweet stranger!

    Well, it does not suck unless we want it to be! I totally agree;))

  2. Hi Stranger;
    So true,life reflects whatever we are.
    Be beautiful so you see life beautiful. The matter of life depends on person himself.

    nice blog btw:)
    kind regards